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1. You must be a Bible believing Christian (male or female) and must be a member/consistent attendee of a bible believing, Christian church. We're sorry but controversial/heretical churches & cults do not qualify. Contact us or check out the charter for more details about this.

2. You must own and ride a motorcycle: 500cc or larger .Spouses who are only passengers may also apply.

3. You must have a desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. You must make a covenant before God, yourself & us that you will not engage in drunkenness, use illegal drugs or participate in illegal or immoral practices (including crude language or swearing) or sowing discord as a member of this ministry. You must not let others wear your colors or do anything to discredit Christianity or your brothers & sisters in Christ. It is between you & God, so be faithful to Him. We won't follow you around, but we pray that you won't wear your colors if you aren't walking right.

Please read the following scriptures to give you a better understanding of these requirements. If you become a member of Bikers for Christ you will be accountable to God for your decisions & actions:

Hebrews 4:12-16 - Nothing is hidden from God.

Ephesians 5:1-21 - Standards for Godly living...

Romans 6:1-23 - Dead to sin - alive in Christ. This is serious business so please burn these scriptures into your heart.

If you are discovered participating in any of the above practices, or if you leave active membership, we will ask for the patch back. If your patch privileges are revoked, we will hang it up for you & hold it until you get things straightened out. No money will be refunded. We ask you to be honest with yourself, God and us in these matters